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Voter ID Frequently Asked Questions

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Have you got any questions about the implications of the Elections Act (2022), especially the introduction of mandatory photo ID to vote? Or do you want to understand how these changes impact who can vote and how we vote? The answer might be on this page.

You can find British Sign Language FAQs available to watch below.

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The Elections Act (2022) brings changes to the way we vote and who can vote.
Hence, the Greater London Authority (GLA), Shout Out UK and a diverse coalition of civil society
organisations, education institutions and London borough electoral services are coming together to
deliver an impartial public awareness campaign. The campaign aims to inform all eligible
Londoners, particularly under-registered and under-represented Londoners of all backgrounds,
about these unprecedented changes, most notably the introduction of mandatory photo
identification in order to vote in General Elections, in local/ borough elections and Mayor of
London/ London Assembly elections in London, and changes to the voting rights of some EU
The GLA - led public awareness campaign is coordinated with the Electoral Commission and
delivered by Shout Out UK (SOUK). Building on the annual London Voter Registration Week

model, the GLA and SOUK have co-designed information and education materials with under-
represented communities who will be disproportionately impacted by these changes. Materials will

be shared online and information activity will take place offline with the support of the 3 Million and
a broad, pan-London coalition of partners.
In parallel, and to complement this activity, successful bidders to the GLA Voter ID awareness
campaign grants will deliver activity in trusted community settings. You can find more information
on the GLA Democracy Hub at