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London Voter Registration Week 2021

On this page you can find links to:

  • LVRW film and animations
  • Digital resources - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Print resources - posters
  • Resources in community languages - Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kurdish (Sorani), Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Rromanes, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu

NOTE: The information included in these resources was accurate as of September 2021.

LVRW 2021 Film & Animations

Community and democracy heroes.mp4
History of voting rights.mp4
LVRW 2021 Film - FINAL.mp4
WHO and How to register to vote.mp4

Digital resources

1 in 3 young Londoners_Instagram.jpg
1 in 3 young Londoners_Phone.jpg
1 in 3 young Londoners_Twitter.jpg
Anonymous register_Instagram.jpg
Anonymous register_Phone.jpg
Anonymous register_Twitter.jpg
Benefits of Registering_Instagram.jpg
Benefits of Registering_Phone.jpg
Benefits of Registering_Twitter.jpg
Changing Address_Instagram.jpg
Changing Address_Phone.jpg
Changing Address_Twitter.jpg
Climate Change_Instagram.jpg
Climate Change_Phone.jpg
Climate Change_Twitter.jpg
Democracy is fun_Cat_Instagram_001.jpg
Democracy is fun_Cat_Phone.jpg
Democracy is fun_Cat_Twitter.jpg
Democracy is fun_Dog_Instagram.jpg
Democracy is fun_Dog_Phone.jpg
Democracy is fun_Dog_Twitter.jpg
EU Londoners_Instagram.jpg
EU Londoners_Phone.jpg
Flex Democratic Right_Instagram.jpg
Flex Democratic Right_Phone.jpg
Flex Democratic Right_Twitter.jpg
How to Register_Instagram.jpg
How to Register_Phone.jpg
How to_Register_Twitter.jpg
Mary Seacole_Instagram.jpg
Mary Seacole_Phone.jpg
Mary Seacole_Twitter.jpg
Mental Health_Instagram.jpg
Mental Health_Phone.jpg
Mental Health_Twitter.jpg
Who can register_ENG_Instagram.jpg
Who can register_ENG_Phone.jpg
Who can register_ENG_Twitter.jpg

Print resources

1 in 3 young Londoners_A3.jpg
1 in 3 young Londoners_A4.jpg
Anonymous register_A3.jpg
Anonymous register_A4.jpg
Benefits of Registering_A3.jpg
Benefits of Registering_A4.jpg
Changing Address_A3.jpg
Changing Address_A4.jpg
Climate Change_A3.jpg
Climate Change_A4.jpg
Democracy is fun_Cat_A3.jpg
Democracy is fun_Cat_A4.jpg
Democracy is fun_Dog_A3.jpg
Democracy is fun_Dog_A4.jpg
EU Londoners_A3.jpg
EU Londoners_A4.jpg
Flex Democratic Right_A3.jpg
Flex Democratic Right_A4.jpg
How to Register_A3.jpg
How to Register_A4.jpg
Mary Seacole_A3.jpg
Mary Seacole_A4.jpg
Mental Health_A3.jpg
Mental Health_A4.jpg
Who can register_ENG_A3.jpg
Who can register_ENG_A4.jpg

Community languages


Arabic -Who can register-A3.pdf
Arabic -Who can register-A4.pdf
Arabic -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Arabic -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Arabic -Who can register-Twitter .jpg


Bengali -Who can register-A3.pdf
Bengali -Who can register-A4.pdf
Bengali -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Bengali -Who can register-Phone .jpg
Bengali -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Bulgarian -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
Bulgarian -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
Bulgarian -Democratic rights-Instagram.jpeg
Bulgarian -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
Bulgarian -Democratic rights-Twitter.jpeg
Bulgarian -Who can register-A3 .pdf
Bulgarian -Who can register-A4.pdf
Bulgarian -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Bulgarian -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Bulgarian -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Farsi -Who can register-A3.pdf
Farsi -Who can register-A4.pdf
Farsi -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Farsi -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Farsi -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


French -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
French -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
French -Democratic rights-Instagram.jpeg
French -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
French -Democratic rights-Twitter.jpeg
French -Who can register-A3.pdf
French -Who can register-A4.jpg
French -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
French -Who can register-Phone.jpg
French -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Greek -Who can register-A3.pdf
Greek -Who can register-A4.pdf
Greek -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Greek -Who can register-Phone .jpg
Greek -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Gujarati -Who can register-A3.pdf
Gujarati -Who can register-A4.pdf
Gujarati -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Gujarati -Who can register-Phone .jpg
Gujarati -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Hindi -Who can register-A3.pdf
Hindi -Who can register-A4.pdf
Hindi -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Hindi -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Hindi -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Italian -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
Italian -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
Italian -Democratic rights-Instagram.jpeg
Italian -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
Italian -Democratic rights-Twitter .jpeg
Italian -Who can register-A3.pdf
Italian -Who can register-A4.pdf
Italian -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Italian -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Italian -Who can register-Twitter.jpg

Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Kurdish Kurmanji-Who can register_A3.pdf
Kurdish Kurmanji-Who can register_A4.pdf
Kurdish Kurmanji-Who can register_Instagram.jpg
Kurdish Kurmanji-Who can register_Phone.jpg
Kurdish Kurmanji-Who can register_Twitter.jpg

Kurdish (Sorani)

Kurdish Sorani-Who can register-A3.pdf
Kurdish Sorani-Who can register-A4.pdf
Kurdish Sorani-Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Kurdish Sorani-Who can register-Phone.jpg
Kurdish Sorani-Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Lithuanian -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
Lithuanian -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
Lithuanian -Democratic rights-Instagram.jpeg
Lithuanian -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
Lithuanian -Democratic rights-Twitter.jpeg
Lithuanian -Who can register-A3.pdf
Lithuanian -Who can register-A4.pdf
Lithuanian -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Lithuanian -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Lithuanian -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Polish -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
Polish -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
Polish -Democratic rights-Instagram.jpeg
Polish -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
Polish -Democratic rights-Twitter.jpeg
Polish -Who can register-A3.pdf
Polish -Who can register-A4.pdf
Polish -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Polish -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Polish -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Portuguese -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
Portuguese -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
Portuguese -Democratic rights-Instagram.jpeg
Portuguese -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
Portuguese -Democratic rights-Twitter.jpeg
Portuguese -Who can register-A3.pdf
Portuguese -Who can register-A4.pdf
Portuguese -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Portuguese -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Portuguese -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Punjabi -Who can register-A3.pdf
Punjabi -Who can register-A4.pdf
Punjabi -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Punjabi -Who can register-Phone .jpg
Punjabi -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Romanian -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
Romanian -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
Romanian -Democratic rights-Instagram .001.jpeg
Romanian -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
Romanian -Democratic rights-Twitter.jpeg
Romanian -Who can register-A3.pdf
Romanian -Who can register-A4.pdf
Romanian -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Romanian -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Romanian -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Rromanes -Who can register-A3 .pdf
Rromanes -Who can register-A4.pdf
Rromanes -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Rromanes -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Rromanes -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Somali -Who can register-A3.pdf
Somali -Who can register-A4.pdf
Somali -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Somali -Who can register-Phone .jpg
Somali -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Spanish -Democratic rights-A3.pdf
Spanish -Democratic rights-A4.pdf
Spanish -Democratic rights-Instagram.jpeg
Spanish -Democratic rights-Phone.jpeg
Spanish -Democratic rights-Twitter.jpeg
Spanish -Who can register-A3.pdf
Spanish -Who can register-A4.pdf
Spanish -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Spanish -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Spanish -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Tamil -Who can register-A3 .pdf
Tamil -Who can register-A4.pdf
Tamil -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Tamil -Who can register-Phone .jpg
Tamil -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Turkish -Who can register-A3.pdf
Turkish -Who can register-A4.pdf
Turkish -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Turkish -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Turkish -Who can register-Twitter.jpg


Urdu -Who can register-A3.pdf
Urdu -Who can register-A4.pdf
Urdu -Who can register-Instagram.jpg
Urdu -Who can register-Phone.jpg
Urdu -Who can register-Twitter.jpg