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Building on our legacy with LVRW3

Building on our legacy with LVRW3

London is many things: a city of culture, a city of opportunity, and a city for everyone. So why are 1 in 3 young Londoners and a disproportionate percentage of ethnic minorities and private renters still not registered to vote?  Despite being one of the most diverse cities in the UK, only 83 percent of…


Breaking down the barriers to democratic participation with political literacy

Unless people can make decisions to influence how their country’s political system looks, it’s not a democracy. And unless those decisions are informed, it’s not a healthy democracy. In the United Kingdom, there are myriad ways we can get involved in the democratic system and have a say in the decisions that impact our community,…

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Stand up for the Environment by Registering to Vote

As a youngperson, I often find myself feeling powerless when faced with the problem of climate change. The need for systemic solutions on a global scale can seem daunting, especially when the majority of governments pursue business as usual rather than offering meaningful change. Yet, solutions to the climate crisis can start at the local…

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The Importance of Registering to Vote

Many people see registering to vote as an administrative, trivial matter that isn’t worth the hassle. But I would say to you, why would you not take the time to sort out such a simple, yet vital, matter, in order to have your say in one of the most powerful ways possible? It is so…

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There never seems to be enough hours in the day

As a young woman newly graduated, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  With social media at the tip of my fingers, friends to see, family to visit and day to day to day chores which have to be done, once I have finished work im only fit to sit down and…

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Young people should register to vote

Hello fellow youths, Good news! In 2017, more people aged 24 and under turned out to vote in the general election than had turned out in the last 25 years. On the surface this is an incredibly heartening statistic, but actually when you look into the numbers a little bit further, what you really see…

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Why faith groups should register to vote

Recognition of religious festivals, celebrating cultural events, security for faith institutions,  safety for people on our streets and transport systems, and rejoicing in the value the faith groups bring to Britain.  These are just some of the issues people from minority faith groups told me that they care about as British citizens. Regardless of what…

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Registering to vote: a step-by-step guide

Registering to vote sounds much more complicated than it is. Now, you can do it all online! You can register on your laptop, ipad or smartphone, and it really only takes 5 minutes. First, go to You’ll need to fill in your basic information, such as your full name, nationality, date of birth and…

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Misconceptions about registering to vote

Over the past few months, we’ve spoken to hundreds of Londoners. What’s become clear is that there are many myths around registering to vote in the UK. Below we challenge our top 5 misconceptions. Misconception number 1: you have to be 18 years old to register. In reality, although you can’t vote in English elections…