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Here you can find blogs and news about LVRW and the Voter ID campaign.

Collage of 6 images showing Voter ID awareness and information sessions with the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community.

GLA Voter ID awareness campaign – The Traveller Movement blog

The project sought to improve awareness of voter ID requirements amongst Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities in London, and to encourage voter registration and electoral participation amongst these communities, part of the GLA Voter ID community grants. Voter ID workshops were delivered in Greenwich, Ealing and Harrow; with the project also being promoted at other Traveller Movement (TM) events…

Two images side by side of St Johns Community Centre and a photo voter ID awareness raising workshop with D/deaf and disabled community in Haringey.

Disability Action Haringey and St John’s Deaf Community Centre

Disability Action Haringey created awareness raising activity for the GLA Voter ID campaign amongst the D/deaf and disabled communities of Haringey and Islington through multiple tailored delivery methods. This was best demonstrated when engaging with members of the St John’s Deaf Community Centre in Manor House. Two British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters and a video…

People standing behind a table of community information leaflets including photo Voter ID

European Londoners are a big group of potential voters – we must engage them!

The Voter ID Awareness Campaign of the Bulgarian Centre for Social Integration and Culture has aimed to inform the Bulgarian ethnic, the Bulgarian Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) and the wider Eastern European communities in London of the changes to election law, make them aware of their rights, encourage them to fully participate in democracy…

Two men wearing LGBT Hero t-shirts raising awareness of photo ID needed to vote and offering support for those who need to apply for photo ID

LGBTQ+ votes matter – don’t lose them

LGBT HERO’s Don’t Lose Your Vote campaign aims to inform LGBTQ+ Londoners of the changes to election law and get them ready to vote. The campaign is particularly focused on preparing trans and young queer people through an online information hub, social media campaign, and voter ID drop-in sessions. Disclaimer: This activity has been funded…

No Vote No Voice

New campaign to raise awareness about changes to democratic rights and ensure Londoners can vote

        The Greater London Authority (GLA) and Shout Out UK have launched an unprecedented new campaign to help under-represented and under-registered Londoners access their right to vote Boroughs, civil society groups and education institutions are supporting the campaign which is raising awareness of changes to the voting system, including the need for…

The 4th London Voter Registration Week is here!

The 4th London Voter Registration Week is here!

London is a city lauded for its culture, ambition, and diversity. Unfortunately, the multitude of voices that make this city great aren’t being represented in our democratic process. Despite being one of the UK’s most diverse cities and home to over 300 languages, London has a lower voter registration rate than the England average. Only…

Building on our legacy with LVRW3

Building on our legacy with LVRW3

London is many things: a city of culture, a city of opportunity, and a city for everyone. So why are 1 in 3 young Londoners and a disproportionate percentage of ethnic minorities and private renters still not registered to vote?  Despite being one of the most diverse cities in the UK, only 83 percent of…


Breaking down the barriers to democratic participation with political literacy

Unless people can make decisions to influence how their country’s political system looks, it’s not a democracy. And unless those decisions are informed, it’s not a healthy democracy. In the United Kingdom, there are myriad ways we can get involved in the democratic system and have a say in the decisions that impact our community,…

Aerial view of London Tower Bridge and Skyscraper in Canary Whraf, London UK.

Stand up for the Environment by Registering to Vote

As a youngperson, I often find myself feeling powerless when faced with the problem of climate change. The need for systemic solutions on a global scale can seem daunting, especially when the majority of governments pursue business as usual rather than offering meaningful change. Yet, solutions to the climate crisis can start at the local…

Diverse young people hands on isolated background. Teenager hand group with raised arm for celebration or friend community concept. Flat cartoon illustration of men and women arms.

The Importance of Registering to Vote

Many people see registering to vote as an administrative, trivial matter that isn’t worth the hassle. But I would say to you, why would you not take the time to sort out such a simple, yet vital, matter, in order to have your say in one of the most powerful ways possible? It is so…