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Impartiality and Governance - phase one


Impartial and non-party political activity

This Grants Programme was public money funded by the GLA. The GLA had to be strictly impartial and non-party political. This applied to any funded activity, including the activity funded via the Voter ID grant programme managed by Groundwork.

The grant funding was part of the wider impartial Voter ID public information campaign to address the equalities impact of the Elections Act. The grant programme was focused on already under-registered and under-represented communities and making sure they had a voice and vote in any decisions impacting them and their communities across our city.

Grantees were expected to raise awareness and run non-party political community activity to enable the targeted networks and individuals to exercise all their civic and democratic rights at every opportunity, by registering to vote, getting the right photo Voter ID and voting in any relevant election, so their voices can be heard.

Oversight of impartiality

Organisations funded through this grant needed to demonstrate a track record of impartial activity and work on democratic participation in their application.

To help ensure impartiality, grantees had to receive sign off from the GLA on project activities, materials and public communications before the project goes live and during delivery. Any activity, materials or public communication not sanctioned by the GLA was deemed unauthorised and could not be reimbursed.

  • All events must be non-party political, but if a politician is due to attend, then grantees must ensure representation across the main political parties to ensure impartiality is maintained
  • No materials or activities can be directly linked to the personality of Mayor of London or individual Assembly members
  • None of the activity or materials produced from this grant funding can support the campaign of an individual politician or political party or manifesto pledge

The GLA had to be acknowledged as the funder and all materials had to carry an imprint.

The “Supported by GLA” logo was used on information materials and to advertise events and other relevant activity. All online and offline, static and dynamic materials and resources produced through this grant had to display the GLA logo, grantees logo and the legal imprint “Supported by the Greater London Authority, City Hall, Kamal Chunchie Way, London E16 1ZE. Printed and promoted by [grantee name], [grantee registered address].”