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Misconceptions about registering to vote

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Over the past few months, we’ve spoken to hundreds of Londoners. What’s become clear is that there are many myths around registering to vote in the UK. Below we challenge our top 5 misconceptions.

Misconception number 1: you have to be 18 years old to register. In reality, although you can’t vote in English elections until you turn 18, you can register to vote from 16. 

Misconception number 2: only British citizens can register. Actually, qualifying EU and Commonwealth nationals are eligible to register to vote in the UK.

Misconception number 3: Once you’re registered you can vote in every election. That is true only if you don’t move home. But if you move, your vote does not travel with you! So you need to re-registration every time you move.  

Misconception number 4: you have to go to the polling station to vote. You can actually vote in person, by post or by proxy – this means you can vote from the comfort of your home or nominate someone else to go and vote for you. 

Misconception number 5: students can only vote at home or at university. Nope, students can vote at both, if they are in different electoral areas! Students can register in two different local authority areas, however, for general elections, they can only vote in one of them.

Still unsure about registering to vote in London? Check out the government’s guidance here.